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Dr. Elangovan N<em><strong>Promoting insurance for women through social networking sites /</strong></em>Journal ArticleManagement-Social Networking Sites
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Management-Social Networking Sites
Description:International Journals of Economics and Business modeling, Vol.6, Issue 1, pp.80-87, ISSN No: 0976-531X.
Ranganayakulu, Koka Sai Pavan Sri. - 1424012<em><strong>Promotional strategies used by electronic dance music festicals (Sunburn and VH1 supersonic) on social networking sites /</strong></em>Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:This study deals with promotional strategies used by Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals like Sunburn and Supernova on social networking sites. This study also tries to learn branding techniques used by these Electronic Dance Music’s. The interest Indian youth have on music festivals has increased and is still increasing mainly due to social networking sites especially in the past few years. Promotions used by these events are trending and are the most successful promotional strategies implemented till date. [show more]
Mundassery, Joseph<em><strong>Rajarajante Mattoli /</strong></em>Malayalam Literary Criticism
Subject:Malayalam Literary Criticism
Dharmendra, Chatur.<em><strong>Regulation of consumer protection in Indian telecommunications sector: two steps forward? /</strong></em>ArticleTelecommunications
Description:This article will elucidate the consultative process before the regulations were issued and the discussion that follows consists of an overview of the 2012 Regulations and the effectiveness of these regulations, and will conclude by examining whether these regulations are TRAI’s “two steps forward” for consumer protection. [show more]
Yadav, Anita.<em><strong>Role of supreme court of India in protection of environment /</strong></em>Law
Description:The present paper try to examine the approach of the Indian Supreme Court in the protection of the Environment, and try to explores and focus upon the role of Supreme Court in todays context with respect to the new emerging threat, which need to be combat effectively. [show more]
Dr. Samson R. Victor and Ms. Jinyoung Song<em><strong>School adjustment among South Korean students studying in Bengaluru /</strong></em>Journal ArticleEducation System
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Education System
Description:Advances Social Sciences Research Journal, Vol.2, Issue 3, pp.1-9, ISSN No: 2055-0286.
Ghosh, Bikramaditya., Srinivasan, Padma
<em><strong>Shariah investment in India : An unexplored opportunity /</strong></em>Journal ArticleIslamic Banking
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Islamic Banking
Description:International Journal Of Innovative Research & Development, Vol.2, Issue 12, pp.159-163, ISSN No: 2278-0211 (Online) 2278-7631 (Print)
Ashoka, T P<em><strong>Shivarama Karantha: Eradu Adhyayanagalu /</strong></em>Kannada Literary Studies
Subject:Kannada Literary Studies
N.V Ashokan, George Thomas C and K Srinivasan<em><strong>Structural investigation of higher order members of bismuth system superconductors /</strong></em>EnglishPhysics
Description:International Journal Of Chemtech Research, Vol.6, Issue 3, pp.635-637, ISSN No: 0974-4290.
Jose, Joel. - 1940097<em><strong>Studies on the Fresh Water Algal Floria in Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary /</strong></em>PhDLife Science
Subject:Life Science
K Saravana Kumar, Jestin Thomas, Jose Alex and Raag Malhotra<em><strong>Surveillance system based on raspberry pi for monitoring a location through a mobile device /</strong></em>Journal ArticleComputer Science
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Computer Science
Description:International Journals of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research, Vol.2, Issue 3, pp.75-79, ISSN No: 2393-8870.
Thangjam Ravichandra, Ashish Chacko and Shruti Ganguly<em><strong>Technical analysis of equity shares /</strong></em>Journal ArticleManagement
Type:Journal Article
Description:International Journal of Research in Finance and Marketing, Vol.5, Issue 1, pp.23-29, ISSN No: 2231-5985.
Aboobaker, Dr. Sarah<em><strong>Teladuva Modagalu /</strong></em>Kannada Short Plays
Subject:Kannada Short Plays
Omcheri<em><strong>Tevarude Ana /</strong></em>Malayalam Play
Subject:Malayalam Play
Jagannath, Shruthi., Dharmendra, Chatur.<em><strong>The red terror and a state of uncertainty: United Nations role in the Indian Maoist struggle /</strong></em>Indian maoist movement
Subject:Indian maoist movement
Description:Global Jurist, Vol.12, Issue 2, Article 8
A, Jeffery Dev. -1424010<em><strong>The role of social media in changing the perception of wedding photography-A study on coimbatore district /</strong></em>Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:Wedding photography is one of the booming industry in India. Wedding photography has witnessed a great change when compared to the last decade. And on other side social media plays a vital role in all industry both to change the perception and as well boost the market for the industry. This study looks at how social media is helping to change the perception of wedding photography and as well and what are the other styles that social media users got to know. [show more]
Sekar, John. - 1424002<em><strong>The role of television in the development of the society: Puthiya Thaaimurai, a tamil channel - A case study /</strong></em>Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:Puthiyathalamurai is a Tamil news channel which is of recent origin. Besides its coverage of news, this channel carries out various social developmental works. In an age when television channels mindlessly pursue after Television Rating Point (TRP) ratings pressurized by business interests and profit motives, the television channels are gradually losing their credibility. In Tamilnadu, television channels have long been the mouthpieces of politicians who own this medium. In this scenario, Puthiya Thalaimurai has taken a different path not allowing itself to be swayed by any political interest and has adopted measures to felicitate development of the society. [show more]
Pillai, P K Narayana<em><strong>Thunchathezhuthachan /</strong></em>Malayalam Essay
Subject:Malayalam Essay
Kumar, D.N.S.S.Pavan. - 1424009<em><strong>Understanding motion poster as an emerging trend in Telugu film promotion /</strong> </em>Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:Telugu film industry is one of the biggest industry in the world with its largest number of film production annually. It produces more than 300 films per year. Telugu film industry has adopted a brand new technology from Hollywood which is gaining popularity in the current promotional techniques. This new trend is called as first look Motion Poster. Motion posters are different from normal wall posters. [show more]
Thevar, S Kesava Ramasamy<em><strong>Vel Pari /</strong></em>Tamil Poem
Subject:Tamil Poem