Health Expenditure in Puducherry (U.T) A Study using National Health Accounts Framework


Health Expenditure in Puducherry (U.T) A Study using National Health Accounts Framework


With the start of globalization, the Indian economy started experiencing a sudden growth and with the boom of various sector in the economy, the employment opportunity, income as standard of living started increasing. With the increase standard of living, there is an increase in demand for health care services. Health care plays an important role in the lives of the people. With government being welfare oriented every year the investment in health care increases and the private contribution to the health care sector is increasing at a higher pace. This study aims: (1) To quantify the extent of household expenditure on health by household characteristics in Puducherry; (2) To track the flow of resources in Health sector from different sources and present them in the form of accounting principles and (3) To develop a matrice format which facilitates the user to understand the sources of finances and uses of such finances on different item of expenditure. A primary data survey was conducted to capture the picture of household expenditure and the National Health Account matrices framework as prescribed by WHO was used in developing the health accounts matrices. The finding shows that majority of the household expenditure is made in purchasing medicine and other goods from the retail sector. Bulk of the spending is made in curative services. The expenditure flows to retail sale of medicines and drugs seems to be the major provider of services to the community. Households are the prominent sources for spending on health care. Out of the household surveyed only 2 to 3 per cent of the population would opt for health insurance. The present expenditure pattern seems to be shying away from other crucial functional elements of health care like Primary health care, Prevention of diseases, Public health and Promotive care. The study also finds a need to increase the awareness of Health insurance among the public and the need for more investment in health infrastructure as well as training of health personnel.


V Karthik






V Karthik, “Health Expenditure in Puducherry (U.T) A Study using National Health Accounts Framework,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed February 29, 2024,

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