Intention to Stay in Relation to Organisational Socialisation Processes


Intention to Stay in Relation to Organisational Socialisation Processes


Attrition is significant in an organisation as replacing human capital bears a significant cost. This study focuses on the effect of organisational socialisation processes, followed in Indian and Multinational BPO organisations on an employees intention to stay within that organisation. A field research with 395 samples was steered using a standardised 21 item questionnaire, to capture the four constructs of Organisational Socialisation and Intention to stay. Results show that there a significant relationship is prevalent between Intention to Stay and Organisational Socialisation in BPOs. Also, amongst the dimensions of organisational socialisation, future prospects and understanding of the role were associated significantly with intention to stay. It is acknowledged that higher organisational socialisation leads to greater intention to stay among employees. The critical purpose in employee retention includes keeping the organisation relevant to the employees by carefully creating their career development plans, helping them manage their work-life balance, and providing timely recognition of talent and then rewarding them. This is imperative to the HR Management as a remedy to soaring attrition rates which is also due to Future prospects and Understanding of the role, as per the findings. Keywords: organisational socialisation, intention to stay, business process outsourcing, attrition, turnover intention


Vijayan Nile






Vijayan Nile , “Intention to Stay in Relation to Organisational Socialisation Processes,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed April 15, 2024,

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