A study of Malayalam amateur music videos on YouTube



A study of Malayalam amateur music videos on YouTube


The research is a study on the amateur music video trend that has created a buzz among the Malayalee audience. The researcher intends to find the reason behind such a success despite of receiving negative criticisms. The topic is given importance as such amateur videos have been becoming very famous among Malayalee audience. The Malayalam amateur video trend on YouTube has paved its way and a lot of people have started noticing this. Though these videos lack in a lot of aspects they are a huge success. The researcher is keen on finding reasons as to how and why these videos gain so much attention. The researcher also wishes to find the audience perspective towards such videos and their opinion about the same. The levels unto which people gain publicity through such videos are remarkable. It also creates an impact on the minds of the viewers. The creators of such videos have a lot of expectations in mind when they create such videos which may or may not be fulfilled. Two songs are taken up by the researcher and a detailed study is done on the same. Quantitative data collection method is followed. The study is supported by a questionnaire which is distributed to 80 respondents. The creators of such amateur videos have gained so much popularity. This raises a lot of questions whether such videos will be still appreciated and encouraged in the future even after so much of criticisms. The researcher wishes to unveil the answers to such questions.


Vijayan Sridevi


Media Studies




Vijayan Sridevi , “A study of Malayalam amateur music videos on YouTube,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed April 15, 2024, http://archives.christuniversity.in/items/show/1172.

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