Responsible Service of Alcohol: An Evaluation of Policies and Practices of Five Star Hotels in Karnataka


Responsible Service of Alcohol: An Evaluation of Policies and Practices of Five Star Hotels in Karnataka


Networking and socializing has been a human practice since ancient times and alcohol has been the social lubricant ??yesterday, today and also tomorrow. While we cannot trace its origin to a particular culture or civilization, its role and impact has been recorded in ancient texts and literature across cultures. A person can get drunk for a few rupees or spend a few lakhs for the same. It is consumed across social classes- by a daily wage worker to a business tycoon. The only thing differentiating the two being the price he has paid for the drink and the glass he is having it from. Even though the price and glass differs the effect it has on a person is more or less the same. This research and study is based on the belief that alcohol in itself is not the major cause of all the issues and troubles it is blamed for, but it is the nature and manner in which it is treated, consumed and served. This study is based on the latter aspect, ????the service of alcohol???. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, alcohol is a social lubricant and bars and restaurants have always been a popular place for socializing. The people who deal with the sale and service of alcoholic beverages along with the management and owners have a moral responsibility to ensure that alcohol is both served and consumed responsibly. This practice of Responsible Beverage Service or Responsible Service of Alcohol might look simple and easy on paper but to practice it, is a different story! It involves the support and approval of all the stakeholders. The owner and management on their part have to compromise on the earnings from the extra sale alcohol. The server has the additional responsibility of checking that his customers are not getting intoxicated and that he is following all the rules and regulations associated with alcohol service and above all the consumers too have to support and accept responsible service practices by the establishment. This study has looked into the practice of Responsible Beverage Service followed in the bars and restaurants in five star hotels, in the state of Karnataka. The initial study involved a review on early research and study on Responsible Beverage Service, Its impact on controlling alcohol abuse and intoxication, Responsible Beverage Service practices and various other dimensions and issues associated with Responsible Service of Alcohol. VII This research has focused on both the consumer as well as the server???s perspective on Responsible Beverage Service. The primary data for the study was collected from both consumers and hotels through a structured questionnaire, followed by data analysis using the appropriate tool. The findings give an insight and understanding into the acceptance of responsible beverage service in the state. What works and what needs to be improved? The practices which has the most impact in controlling alcohol abuse and answers to other questions associated with the study.


Zacharia Joseph







Zacharia Joseph, “Responsible Service of Alcohol: An Evaluation of Policies and Practices of Five Star Hotels in Karnataka,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed December 3, 2022,

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