Smart production monitoring and management system /



Smart production monitoring and management system /


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Patent Number: 202241000628, Applicant: Dr. C R Mahesha.
It is critical to have a monitoring system in place during every manufacturing process. The time it takes to process raw materials is one factor that influences how long it takes to make a product. A traditional company requires the operator to record the time it takes to process each order on a piece of paper. If you use this method to complete your work, you are likely to make numerous errors. The goal of this paper is to create a system that can automatically record and track processing time in order to solve this problem. There is a device attached to the machine that makes things that automatically checks the production process. It will be simple to use because it has a touch screen LCD. The person who operates the machine's ID card contains an RFID chip that records his or her name. Scanning the database for information about the workpiece using the barcode on the monitoring sheet, then looking up that information in the database A sensor on the machine can show how long it takes to machine in real time. The system's outputs include information such as how long it takes to process and how much storage space it has. In this case, the workshop planning app from the company can be wirelessly linked to this system.


Mandala, Gangu Naidu.


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