Importance of political cartoons to newspapers


Importance of political cartoons to newspapers


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Political cartoons are an important part in any newspaper. Political cartoons adorn a small part of a newspaper, often in a corner. The position of this piece although small the impact is huge. A cartoon conveys a lot of information in very few words. The emotions behind the political cartoons are genuine and although harsh, are taken with a sense of humour. While incomparison editorials are, firstly for the elite masses who understand the highly intellectual content of the piece, also editorials have a tendency to be politically correct and hold back, unlike cartoons. Cartoons are generally blatant about their stand on the issue. There have been controversial cartoons like JyllandsPostenthe Mohammad cartoon and the effective yet less controversial R.K.Laxman. The dissertation will concentrate on how political cartoon are infact one of the most important parts of any newspaper. It will try to understand the effectiveness of political cartoons over editorials. How political cartoons are a means of communication. The researcher will also try to understand how R.K.Laxman and the common man have become symbols for the ??aamaadmi. The methods of research will include a qualitative analysis of political cartoons by interview and a quantitative analysis by questionnaire method to understand how people perceive cartoons over editorials. The researcher having completed the researcher is in a position to make comments about the effectiveness and popularity of cartoons.


Lawate Meghana M


Christ Deemed To Be University










Lawate Meghana M, “Importance of political cartoons to newspapers,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed December 3, 2022,

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