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Wagh, Rupali Sunil.Atendo: The portable attendence recorder /PatentComputer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:Patent Number: 202241019881, Applicant: Kevin Benny. Attendance is the fact of being present or absent at a place or an event. One of the most basic things to understand and analyse the response of an event is by recording the attendance of the event. By tracking the sessions attended by the attendees and how long the attendees stay in the event, it is possible to derive a clear picture of how engaged the event was. Attendance monitoring is very important for examining the success or failure of an event. Tracking session attendance is an easy and accurate way to gather attendee feedback and translate this information into useful data. [show more]
Wagh, Rupali SinghKnowing Discovery from Legal Documents Dataset using Text Mining Techniques Computer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:International Journal of Computer Applications Vol.66, No.23, pp. 32-34 ISSN No. 0975-8887
Vivek Suresh VargheseIdentifying the Existing Oral Proficiency Testing Patterns
Description:The research aims to identify the different activities or patterns used for the teaching and testing of oral proficiency. Furthermore, the issues in the assessment of oral proficiency are also analyzed. The data was collected from the English teachers teaching in the selected Aided Kerala State Syllabus Schools in Trivandrum, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts from the grades 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. The present study incorporated an exploratory research design based on a qualitative approach. The sample size consists of eleven teacher participants that were selected based on purposive sampling. The research study was divided into three phases. The phase 1, consists of open-ended questionnaire which were distributed to eleven teachers and the data obtained was categorized into different themes based on the responses from the teacher participants. Phase 2 consists of classroom observations of eleven teachers in which three teaching sessions per teacher and a total number of one thousand two hundred eighty-seven students were observed based on the classroom observation checklist. Moreover, phase 3 consists of interviews among the eleven teacher participants to gain further insights. The findings of the present research based on the analysis of the phase1, phase 2 and phase 3, indicates that the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach is an effective approach to enhance the oral proficiency of the students. Moreover, the teaching and the testing patterns implemented by the school teachers are considered effective as it enables them to teach and to assess the oral proficiency of the students in a systematic manner. The research findings based on the triangulation prove that the use of reading, role play and storytelling are found to be consistent across the three phases and are commonly used by the teachers to enhance the oral proficiency of the students in the English language viii classrooms. Moreover, in the triangulation of assessment of oral proficiency, it has been observed that the activities such as reading and role play are found to be consistent across the three phases and are commonly used by the teachers. Furthermore, regarding the issues in the assessment of oral proficiency, lack of time is considered as one of the issues that is consistent across the three phases. The overall analysis of this research indicates that there is a positive or a parallel impact between the CLT approach and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) on the development of the oral proficiency of the students. The researcher suggests that there should be a standardized assessment tool to test the oral proficiency of the students in order to ensure grading consistency among the test assessors in the Kerala State Syllabus Schools. [show more]
Vinod, Smitha.Vimana /PatentCommunication
Description:Patent Number: 202241030155, Applicant: Ramesh Chandra Poonia. Drone navigation works by building a map of its surroundings while tracking its position within the map. This allows the drone to demonstrate positional accuracy (the global average URE (User error rate) across all satellites) of < 0.643 m (2.1 ft.) 95% of the lime using the Global Positioning System (GPS). The problem with this technology is twofold. It deploys only L band communication in practice. [show more]
Vinod, Chinnu. - 1424061A study on the role of academic web application among children an analysis through parents /Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:The education systems in today’s world have greatly changed with the emergence of new technologies. With the advent of digital media, variety of applications are developed which aid the children to step into their primary education. This research paper aims at finding out the role of such academic web applications among children. [show more]
Vincy R Infanta Examining the Role of Explicit Instruction on Vocabulary Learning: An Experimental Study
Vincent, Theresa Nithila.Covid 19 impact assessment index for manufacturing MSMES /PatentComputer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:Patent Number: 202141035478, Applicant: Theresa Nithila Vincent. The COV1D 19 pandemic disrupted the functioning of enterprises and posed a significant effect on the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector. The level of impact was varying depending on the type of business. This study aims to develop an index to assess the impact of COVTD 19 on the manufacturing MSMEs by studying the impact on the Key Performance Indicators, namely; Labour, Supply Chain, Production and Revenue. [show more]
Vincent, Theresa NithilaApparel shopping styles of young adult consumers in Bangalore /Journal ArticleCommerce
Type:Journal Article
Description:Indian Journal Of Marketing, Vol.46, Issue 2, pp.267-279, ISSN No: 0973-8703.
Vinayak - 1240005Relationship between competencies and performance of management teachers of B-schools in Bengaluru city /PhDManagement
Description:The concept of competency mapping is an established practice in the corporate world for ages. It has been successful in contributing for performance management. The study was aimed to find out whether similar efforts can be made in management education. Researcher aimed to develop a competency mapping tool and to study the relationship between competencies and performance of B School faculty members in the city of Bengaluru. As an outcome of the study a competency mapping tool was developed with five key competency clusters namely Teaching Learning, Assessment Evaluation, Research Publication, Student Development and Administration Coordination. [show more]
Vijayasankar A.V., Sujith R.K., Nagaraju N.Catalytic Activity and Reusability of Mesoporous Iron Aluminophosphate Catalyst in Pharmacologically Important Organic TransformationsChemistry
Description:Journal Atoms and Molecules an International Online Journal, Vol-4 (1), pp. 675-681. ISSN-2277-1247
Vijayasankar A V, Keerthi Unni, Sheela Karalam BScientific basis for the preparation and characterization of iron based traditional drug Annabhedi Sindooram: A materialistic ApproachChemistry (Engineering)
Subject:Chemistry (Engineering)
Description:, pp.149-152 ISSN No. 2229-3566
Vijayasankar A V6-Bromo-2-[(E)-thiophen-2-ylmethyl-idenel]-2,3,4,9-tetrahydro-1H-carbazol-1-oneArticleDepartment of Engineering
Subject:Department of Engineering
Description:Dec 1; 67(Pt 12): o3271
Vijayasankar A VCatalytic Activity & Reusability of Mesoporous Iron Aluminophosphate Catalyst in Pharmacologically Important Organic TransformationsArticleDepartment of Chemistry
Subject:Department of Chemistry
Description:Issue 4(1) 675-681
Vijayasankar A VMesoporous Iron Aluminophosphate: An efficient Catalyst for One Pot Synthesis of Amides By Ester-Amide Exchange ReactionArticleDepartment of Engineering
Subject:Department of Engineering
Description:Volume 233
Vijayasankar A VPreparation and characterisation of amorphous mesoporous aluminophosphate and metal aluminophosphate as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for transesterification reaction.ArticleDepartment of Engineering
Subject:Department of Engineering
Description:Volume 14, Issue 12, December 2011, Pages 1109-1116
Vijayasankar A VScientific Basis For The Preparation And Characterization of Iron Based Traditional Drug AnnaBhedi Sindooram : A Materialitic Approach.ArticleDepartment of Engineering
Subject:Department of Engineering
Description:Volume 4(2)
Vijayasankar A VSolvent free microwave assisted synthesis and evaluation of potent antimicrobial activity of 1,11H-pyrimido [4,5-a]carbazol-2-ones, 1 11h-pyrimido [4,5-a]-2-thiones and pyrazolo [3,4-a] carbazolesArticleDepartment of Chemistry
Subject:Department of Chemistry
Description:Vol. 52B, March
Vijayapriya C V - 1981028Effectiveness of internet delivered dialectical behavior therapy skills training on perceived cognitive functions among college students with borderline personality traits a nonrandomized controlled trial /PhDPsychology
Vijayan Sridevi A study of Malayalam amateur music videos on YouTube
Description:The research is a study on the amateur music video trend that has created a buzz among the Malayalee audience. The researcher intends to find the reason behind such a success despite of receiving negative criticisms. The topic is given importance as such amateur videos have been becoming very famous among Malayalee audience. The Malayalam amateur video trend on YouTube has paved its way and a lot of people have started noticing this. Though these videos lack in a lot of aspects they are a huge success. The researcher is keen on finding reasons as to how and why these videos gain so much attention. The researcher also wishes to find the audience perspective towards such videos and their opinion about the same. The levels unto which people gain publicity through such videos are remarkable. It also creates an impact on the minds of the viewers. The creators of such videos have a lot of expectations in mind when they create such videos which may or may not be fulfilled. Two songs are taken up by the researcher and a detailed study is done on the same. Quantitative data collection method is followed. The study is supported by a questionnaire which is distributed to 80 respondents. The creators of such amateur videos have gained so much popularity. This raises a lot of questions whether such videos will be still appreciated and encouraged in the future even after so much of criticisms. The researcher wishes to unveil the answers to such questions. [show more]
Vijayan Nile Intention to Stay in Relation to Organisational Socialisation Processes
Description:Attrition is significant in an organisation as replacing human capital bears a significant cost. This study focuses on the effect of organisational socialisation processes, followed in Indian and Multinational BPO organisations on an employees intention to stay within that organisation. A field research with 395 samples was steered using a standardised 21 item questionnaire, to capture the four constructs of Organisational Socialisation and Intention to stay. Results show that there a significant relationship is prevalent between Intention to Stay and Organisational Socialisation in BPOs. Also, amongst the dimensions of organisational socialisation, future prospects and understanding of the role were associated significantly with intention to stay. It is acknowledged that higher organisational socialisation leads to greater intention to stay among employees. The critical purpose in employee retention includes keeping the organisation relevant to the employees by carefully creating their career development plans, helping them manage their work-life balance, and providing timely recognition of talent and then rewarding them. This is imperative to the HR Management as a remedy to soaring attrition rates which is also due to Future prospects and Understanding of the role, as per the findings. Keywords: organisational socialisation, intention to stay, business process outsourcing, attrition, turnover intention [show more]