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Zowa, Ennie. - 1140005An evaluation of workplace HIV and AIDS programme development in zimbabwe stock exchange listed companies based in harare zimbabwe /PhDManagement
Zimudzi, Herbert., Sanjeevaiah, Jeevananda., Marume, Samson B M.The NGO research culture in zimbabwe: Its anatomy, architecture and typology /Institute of Management (Finance)
Subject:Institute of Management (Finance)
Description:International Journal of Science and Research, Vol-2 (12), pp. 50-61. ISSN 2319-7064.
Zembe, Wurayayi. - 1148025Developing a democratic constitutional framework through a people driven constitution making process for zimbabwe /
Zambe, Wurayayi., Jeevananda, Sanjeevaiah.<em><strong>Developing a democratic constitutional framework through a people-driven constitution making process for zimbabwe /<br /></strong></em>ArticleInstitute of Management (Finance)
Subject:Institute of Management (Finance)
Description:International Journal of Science and Research, Vol.2, Issue 8, pp. 10-16. ISSN-2319-7064.This research paper is on a study of how Zimbabwe can produce a democratic people-driven constitution as a permanent solution to the country's problems of poor governance, violent political conflicts, economic collapse, social disintegration, and international isolation. The purpose of the study was to explore a people-driven democratic constitution-making process that Zimbabweans want. Two groups of research units comprised of 1 120 individuals and 67 institutions were used. The inquiry discovered contextual meaning of six phenomena associated with a people-driven democratic constitution-making process. The study recommends a constitution-making process model that Zimbabwe should adopt to produce a people-driven constitution democratically. [show more]
Zacharias Divya The Effect of Non-Uniform Temperature Gradients

on the Onset of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in a Nanofluid
Zacharia JosephResponsible Service of Alcohol: An Evaluation of Policies and Practices of Five Star Hotels in Karnataka
Description:Networking and socializing has been a human practice since ancient times and alcohol has been the social lubricant ??yesterday, today and also tomorrow. While we cannot trace its origin to a particular culture or civilization, its role and impact has been recorded in ancient texts and literature across cultures. A person can get drunk for a few rupees or spend a few lakhs for the same. It is consumed across social classes- by a daily wage worker to a business tycoon. The only thing differentiating the two being the price he has paid for the drink and the glass he is having it from. Even though the price and glass differs the effect it has on a person is more or less the same. This research and study is based on the belief that alcohol in itself is not the major cause of all the issues and troubles it is blamed for, but it is the nature and manner in which it is treated, consumed and served. This study is based on the latter aspect, ????the service of alcohol???. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, alcohol is a social lubricant and bars and restaurants have always been a popular place for socializing. The people who deal with the sale and service of alcoholic beverages along with the management and owners have a moral responsibility to ensure that alcohol is both served and consumed responsibly. This practice of Responsible Beverage Service or Responsible Service of Alcohol might look simple and easy on paper but to practice it, is a different story! It involves the support and approval of all the stakeholders. The owner and management on their part have to compromise on the earnings from the extra sale alcohol. The server has the additional responsibility of checking that his customers are not getting intoxicated and that he is following all the rules and regulations associated with alcohol service and above all the consumers too have to support and accept responsible service practices by the establishment. This study has looked into the practice of Responsible Beverage Service followed in the bars and restaurants in five star hotels, in the state of Karnataka. The initial study involved a review on early research and study on Responsible Beverage Service, Its impact on controlling alcohol abuse and intoxication, Responsible Beverage Service practices and various other dimensions and issues associated with Responsible Service of Alcohol. VII This research has focused on both the consumer as well as the server???s perspective on Responsible Beverage Service. The primary data for the study was collected from both consumers and hotels through a structured questionnaire, followed by data analysis using the appropriate tool. The findings give an insight and understanding into the acceptance of responsible beverage service in the state. What works and what needs to be improved? The practices which has the most impact in controlling alcohol abuse and answers to other questions associated with the study. [show more]
Yukta YuktaWriter as a critical insider: A thematic study of premchand???s select short-stories
Yhome Lucy Keneikhrienuo Home and Identities in Yael Dayan???s Death Had Two Sons and Elie Wiesel???s The Forgotten: A Contrapuntal Reading
Yeshi Tenzin Livelihood of Tibetan Winter Itinerant Sweater Traders in

Madhya Pradesh
Yadav, Shivani - 22222005Social security concerns of students pursuing higher education during Russia-Ukraine conflict: Legal analysis /Master's DissertationLaw
Type:Master's Dissertation
Description:A stateless migrant is not considered a citizen or national of any country under the operation of its laws. Such a person has no recognized nationality or legal status and is therefore not entitled to the protection and benefits of any state. Stateless migrants may face significant difficulties in exercising their basic human rights, including the right to education, work, and access to healthcare, among others. There are many different concepts regarding migrants and stateless migrants. This research will emphasize upon the concept of stateless migrant and the Indian students those are pursuing higher education from Ukraine and that is disturbed because of the uncertain conflict happened in Ukraine. Migrant is defined as a person who leaves their country of origin to live in another country, while a stateless migrant is someone who does not have a recognized nationality. Both concepts are important to understand when considering the rights of individuals. However, this research will also encounter often challenges in ensuring that these rights should be respected and protected by the authorities. [show more]
Yadav, Anita.<em><strong>Criminal justice reform in India: Need of the hour /</strong></em>ArticleLaw
Description:Law Journal, Vol. 119, Part 1358, pp.29-32
Yadav, Anita.<em><strong>Role of supreme court of India in protection of environment /</strong></em>Law
Description:The present paper try to examine the approach of the Indian Supreme Court in the protection of the Environment, and try to explores and focus upon the role of Supreme Court in todays context with respect to the new emerging threat, which need to be combat effectively. [show more]
Yadav, Angel - 22222001Addressing harassment against men through the lens of gender equality in India: A critical analysis /Master's DissertationLaw
Type:Master's Dissertation
Description:Harassment refers to harassment derives from the English verb harass plus the suffixment. The verb harass, in turn, is a loan word from the French, which was already attested in meaning torment, annoyance, bother, trouble.1 It refers to when an individual continually performs undesirable behaviour against a victim. This may include offensive language, rude and cruel remarks, but it must continue over time in order then it is considered as harassment. Harassment has many types like sexual harassment, mental harassment; workplace harassment, domestic harassment and many more it cover wide range of offence Harassment. Harassment against men is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in India, just as harassment against women does. It is important to approach this issue through the lens of gender equality, as both men and women should have the right to live free from harassment and violence. To start with, it is important to acknowledge that men can be victims of harassment and violence, and that this issue is not limited to women alone. [show more]
Y N, Sudhakar.Biodegradable blend film derived from polycaprolactone an guar gum blend for packaging application /PatentChemistry
Description:Patent Number: 202141012114, Applicant: Sudhakar Y N.
Y B, Ravi Kumar.Automatic fertilizer dispenser robot /PatentMechanical Design
Subject:Mechanical Design
Description:Patent Number: 354319-001, Applicant: Ravikumar R.
Wudali Narasimha Sudheer - 1940094Production of boeravinone b and related bioactive molecules from cell cultures of punarnava boerhavia diffusa linn. /PhDLife Science
Subject:Life Science
Williams Jessline Character Strengths, Self-Concept and Well-Being

among Adolescents with Specific Learning

Warrier, N V Krishna<em><strong>Kochuthomman /</strong></em>Malayalam Poems
Subject:Malayalam Poems
Wahab, Arshi. - 1324031Shifting trends in bollywood's representation of subculture -A mise-en-scene perspective /Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:Indian Cinema today is an outcome of the continuous shifts and transferals, focusing on certain popular culture, narrative structures and styles, genres and most importantly visual culture. Bollywood which is the custodian of Hindi Cinema has come a long way from the depiction of as a prototype of any part of the country, identified and experienced by everyone irrespective of time and space has narrowed itself into more specific forms, focusing on the sub-cultures as perceived or understood from the innumerable films produced in the recent years. [show more]
Wagh, Rupali Sunil. - 0935012Employee performance prediction model /MPhilComputer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:With the dominance of knowledge power in the success of an organization, competent human resource has become crucial for realization of organizational objectives. Human Resource Management, HRM is a set of tasks to maintain and develop a proficient human resource. A performance appraisal process helps the HRM in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. This evaluation of employee is based on several different parameters according to the work domain and organizational objectives. This activity of employee evaluation has a high significance in making strategic decisions of manpower planning than just salary reviews. The objective of the prediction model constructed in the study is to assist HR personnel in decision making by predicting the performance of an employee. [show more]