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Subbarama Pranesh, Arun Kumar Narayanappa
Effect of Non-Uniform Basic Concentration Gradient on the Onset of Double-Diffusive Convection in Micropolar Fluid.ArticleDepartment of Mathematics
Subject:Department of Mathematics
Description:Vol.3 No.5, May



Description:The problem of Rayleigh-Benard convection in a couple-stress fluid saturated sparsely distributed porous medium with chemical reaction is studied within the framework of linear stability analysis. Only infinitesimal disturbances are considered. The linear stability analysis is based on the normal mode technique. The Darcy-Brinkman law is used to model the momentum equation. Closed form solution for the basic quiescent state is first obtained. The principle of exchange of stabilities is valid and the existence of oscillatory instability is ruled out. The expression for the stationary media-Rayleigh number is obtained as a function of the governing parameters, viz., the wave number, the couple-stress parameter, the Frank-Kamenetskii number, the porous parameter and the Brinkman number. The Galerkin method is used to determine the eigenvalues. The effect of various parameters on the stability of the fluid layer is discussed through figures. [show more]
K. MunirathnamGrowth and Characterization of Indium Monotelluride Crystals

Description:Semiconductors have become an inevitable part of human life. The beginning of the modern electronic technology goes back to the invention and elaboration of the semiconductor-based transistor by Bardeen, Brattain and Shockley in 1948. Thereafter, electronics industry has grown and become one of the worlds largest commercial establishments. The increasing demands for smaller electronic devices with improved performance at lower costs drive the conventional silicon-based technology to its limits. To satisfy the requirements from the industry and to extend the applications of semiconductor devices, new materials and fabrication techniques have to be used. The development, specification and quality control of these materials often require a very delicate crystal growth process and specific characterizations, which will be critical to a successful design of an electronic device. The knowledge of structural, electrical and mechanical properties of materials is essential for making use of them in various electronic devices. The operating abilities of a large part of modern technological hardware are based on active and/or passive crystalline core pieces. The fabrication of such crystals is normally connected with the well established growth methods such as Bridgman, Czochralski, Verneuil, zone melting, top seeded solution growth (TSSG), re-crystallization techniques, etc. Bulk crystal growth techniques are used to grow large crystals from which substrates are sliced. Substrate availability is a critical component in the success of a technology. Hence, even in this era of thin films and epitaxial layers, bulk crystal growth from melt still upholds its significance and plays an important role in the development of semiconductor-based technologies. Solar cell technology, as a sustainable source of energy, has shown a tremendous growth in recent years. The most widely used commercial solar cells are made from single crystalline silicon and have efficiencies up to 26.5%. However, such single crystalline solar cells are relatively expensive with the silicon itself making up to 20-40% of the final cost. In the search for low-cost alternatives to crystalline silicon, a great deal of work is being carried out in tailoring the applicability of compound semiconductor materials, which offer advantages over silicon. Indium monotelluride (InTe) is a III-VI layered semiconductor, which is particularly suitable for photovoltaic use, because of its suitable band gap (1.16 eV), optical and transport properties. In addition, its cleaved surfaces do not need any additional treatment for p??n junction formation and are chemically inert under ambient conditions. The crystal structure of InTe is tetragonal with lattice parameters, a = b = 8.454 ??, and c = 7.152 ??. The direct nature of transition supports the maximum efficiency of the InTe based opto-electronic devices. Indium monotelluride (InTe) crystals have been crystallized using directional freezing technique by employing a two zone horizontal furnace. The compound charge used for the growth was synthesised from its constituent elements (In and Te). The structural and chemical investigations of the grown samples were performed using powder x-ray diffraction (XRD) technique and energy dispersive analysis by x-rays (EDAX). The dielectric constant, loss factor, AC conductivity and optical band gap of the grown InTe crystals were estimated from the capacitance measurements in the temperature range, 35-140??C. The frequency dependence of these dielectric parameters has been studied to understand the mechanism behind conduction. The mechanical strength of the cleaved samples of indium monotelluride was investigated using Vickers microhardness tester in the load range, 5-50 g, and the results obtained are discussed. The present research work titled ??Growth and characterization of indium monotelluride crystals has been organized into four chapters. Chapter 1 gives a brief introduction about the concepts of nucleation with regard to the crystal growth of semiconducting materials. The effects of thermodynamical parameters on the growth of crystals are explained. The theories of crystal growth along with the factors affecting the crystallization phenomenon are described in chapter 2. The principle behind the different crystal growth processes is outlined. An account on the various crystal growth techniques highlighting their special features is also given. A review of the present national / international status on the growth and characterization of InTe is presented. The description of directional freezing method, experimental procedure and the various characterization techniques used for the study are presented in chapter 3. Chapter 4 covers the results and discussions of the research findings. It ends with a reference section, wherein the literature reviews used are listed as per the international standards and the order of its appearance in the text. [show more]
Description:The problem of Rayleigh-Benard-Marangoni convection in a couple-stress fluid saturated porous medium with thermal radiation is studied within the framework of linear stability analysis. Only infinitesimal disturbances are considered. The linear stability analysis is based on the normal mode technique. The Darcy law is used to model the momentum equation. The fluid between the boundaries absorbs and emits thermal radiation. The boundaries are treated as black bodies. The absorption coefficient of the fluid is assumed to be the same at all wavelengths and to be independent of the physical state. The principle of exchange of stabilities is valid and the existence of oscillatory instability is ruled out. The expression for the stationary Darcy-Rayleigh number is obtained as a function of the governing parameters, viz., the wave number, the couple-stress parameter, the conduction-radiation parameter, the absorptivity parameter, the Marangoni number and the Biot number. The Galerkin method is used to determine the eigenvalues. The effect of various parameters on the stability of the fluid layer is discussed through figures and tables. [show more]
Description:The problem of Rayleigh-Benard convection in a couple-stress fluid saturated densely packed porous medium with chemical reaction is studied within the framework of linear stability analysis. Only infinitesimal disturbances are considered. The linear stability analysis is based on the normal mode technique. The Darcy law is used to model the momentum equation. Closed form solution for the basic quiescent state is first obtained. The principle of exchange of stabilities is valid and the existence of oscillatory instability is ruled out. The expression for the stationary media-Darcy-Rayleigh number is obtained as a function of the governing parameters, viz., the wave number, the couple-stress parameter and the Frank-Kamenetskii number. The Galerkin method is used to determine the eigenvalues. The effect of various parameters on the stability of the fluid layer is discussed through figures. [show more]
Description:Tourism can be seen as one of the major industries across the world in preservation, conservation and revitalization of culture. One of the major forms of tourism which is engaged in this activity is cultural tourism. This form of tourism provides experience of rural lifestyle with tourists visiting villages and staying with local communities in order to understand and experience their way of living. Different scholars have defined cultural tourism differently, in view of cultural attraction emerging as a major motivational factor for tourists to visit destinations. It has been described as a tourist activity; which helps in overcoming social isolation and sharing culture through tourism. In the present scenario, the art forms can be seen only in the tourist destinations and other tourist generating regions. There is not much effort taken by the Government and stakeholders in sustaining these cultures for future generation. In India, the state of Kerala is known as the major hub of art forms and this is one of the principle reasons for the tourism growth in this state. The current status of the art forms of Kerala is in a dying state. Hence the present study deals with the role of the resorts in the revitalization of art forms. Various research studies conducted in this area are very general in nature and there is a gap with regard to studying specific art forms. The area of study covers various resorts located in Kerala. In this study an effort has been taken to link the relationship between resorts and art forms and the way in which it is revitalized. For this purpose the study was conducted by collecting data from both primary and secondary sources. The sets of questionnaire for the study was developed and administered with the help of a statistician. Some of the major findings of the study showed that 97% of resorts have performances of art forms on daily basis and the performances are conducted on tourist demand. Resort owners are accompanying various tourism components and offering attractive package to the tourists. Culture is a part of life and an individuals identity which ultimately becomes the image of the society. Art forms, cuisines, customs, lifestyle, traditions etc constitute culture. Further research can be done on these areas linking with tourism which will not only help in the preservation of culture but also in a way attracting tourists to particular destinations. [show more]

Description:Capital Punishment is a much debated topic in the country and around the world. Films are a major of information where one can propagate an idea to a wide range of audience. Being a topic of general concern, it is important to discuss the relevance of capital punishment on screen (in a movie) and carry forth the happening debate on-screen. The paper tries to do a comparative study between English and Indian movies dealing with the topic. [show more]
A. Rao SwethaParentification, Emotional Security and Attachment in Adolescents of Parents with Alcoholism
Description:Parentification is a process of children taking on the roles and responsibilities to cater to the well-being of the family (Jurkovic, 1997). The child internalizes this role to the extent that the functions that are carried out become sole identity of the individual. When responsibilities are taken away from the child, leaving the child with a vacuum, when the parent resumes the position or caretaking. To prevent this, children tends to lock themselves in a power struggle battle with the parent. The child invariably struggles to make sense of the situation, having had to grow up too soon only to discover that he/she is caught in the midst of situation where the only role familiar is that of parentification. The present study looks at the occurrence of parentification in children of parents with alcoholism. It observes the emotional security in the family between the parent-child dyad and the attachment patterns in the family system. Following the qualitative research method, data was collected using in-depth interview. Seven participants and three professional helpers were interviewed. The raw data was analysed using Thematic Analysis. The shift in authority and power from the parent to the child and the struggle to retain this power due to lack of trust is seen. It also discovers the emotional security that the child holds for the family in ways of protecting and safeguarding the family members from being harmed emotionally and physically. It revels the remoteness of the children towards the family system, looking for guidance outside the family system and seeking support from friends and relative. The implications of this study is for family therapists, rehabilitation counsellors, school guidance counsellors and parents. Understanding this phenomena can also help rehabilitation counsellors explain to the child and help make positive meaning of the events occurring in her family with the alcoholic parent. Awareness of the effects of parentification on the childs emotional, cognitive and social development. Keywords: Parentification, role-reversal, emotional parentification, instrumental parentification, protection and attachment. [show more]
Abraham SharonThe Caged Bird Sings: Major Themes and Concerns of Select Women Prison Writers from India
Adhikari KishorStudent-Teacher Relationship Patterns in Undergraduate College
Description:The student-teacher relationship has always been important at all levels of formal education, including undergraduate level. Positive student-teacher relationship plays direct role in facilitating students experience, and ultimately enhancing the academic outcomes. Furthermore, such relationship, especially at undergraduate level, becomes crucial since it also helps to facilitate the change and transformation process of adolescents who are stepping out from kindergraten-12th grade (K-12) system of education and venturing into college life. Given such importance and closeness in the relationship, this study attempted to examine the attachment patterns of the student-teacher relationship at undergraduate level. The research was guided by two broad questions. First, is student-teacher relationship at undergraduate level an attachment relationship? Second, if it is an attachment relationship, do distinct patterns exist? Drawing on two-dimensional internal working model of adult attachment postulated by Bartholomew (1980) as conceptual framework, the study explored the perception of 216 undergraduate students on student-teacher relationship from a university in Bangalore by using exploratory factor analysis (EFA). From the result two distinct dimensions, first related to students self and second associated to their view about availability of teachers and how they would reciprocate in the interactions, were observed which was later confirmed by CFA. The finding could help in future research to find the aspects of the relationship that promote the sense of security and supportiveness to enhance the academic outcomes of the students. Keywords: adult attachment patterns, student-teacher relationship [show more]
Description:Investigative journalism has become the call of the day as too many scams are being reported. It all started with the ??Watergate scam that was reported by Washington post. In India it was the 1980s period when investigative journalism arose, there have been a few milestone cases. First being Bofors gun scandal, which is considered one of the most influential works of the Indian investigative journalism. Then the other which shook the Indian Sensex, the Harshad Mehta scam. Since 2007 there have been a number of scams which have been investigated by the media. The UPA government has been under the scanner since then. Due to the growing number of scams in the country, investigative journalism has grown in the past few years. This study compares the investigative reporting approach of general magazine and the business magazine using content analysis. This study aims to understand how professional and reader friendly are the approaches of investigative reports today in media. [show more]
Description:The study entitled Investor Sentiments, Trading Behavior and Informational Efficiency in Indian Stock Futures Market shows that the traders in Indian Stock Futures Markets are positive feedback traders-they buy when prices increase and sell when prices decline. Positive Feedback trading appears to be more active in periods of high investor sentiments. Our primary objective is to examine the relationship between the investor sentiments and transitory volatility. The data used in the study is secondary data which is being collected from the National Stock Exchange. The sample period of the study is of past 5 years i.e. from July 2006 to September 2011.The Pharmaceutical sector has been chosen and around seven companies are selected. We used Vector AutoRegression (VAR) Model to test the contemporaneous and causal relationship between order flow, stock return and return volatility. Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF) and Phillips-Perron (PP) unit root tests have been employed to test the stationarity of the investor sentiment measures. We found that futures market tends to be more liquid in periods of bullish sentiments. We also found that controlling for feedback trading; the persistence of order flow is significantly lower in high sentiment periods. Further the study shows a strong positive relation between investor sentiments and transitory volatility. The result also suggested that stock futures prices tend to follow the underlying efficient price more closely in bullish periods, consistent with increased liquidity in bullish states. Overall, it can be concluded that this study provides new evidence on the link between investor attitudes, trading behavior and price efficiency at the microstructure level. Key Words: Investor Sentiments, Market Efficiency, Futures Market, Volatility, Order . [show more]
Description:This paper attempts to measure the significance of New Media as a branch of social sciences and the growing impact it has on other walks of life, specifically its role in social rehabilitation. The word ??therapy is a ubiquitously known term and often used in daily speech in the branch of psychology. Given the new application of new media, the term has now crossed fences over the sphere of media with its application in online communication. The advantages of therapy and social rehabilitation through the online application of new media have been discussed as a central argument. It further seeks to analyze if it triumphs the role of traditional forms of therapy in making the latter a more viable medium today. The role of technology and its impact have certainly impacted the way one looks at the term ??therapy and ??counseling. This paper hence seeks to find the effectiveness of online therapy in social rehabilitation in comparison to traditional therapy while examining the perspectives of 3 continents specifically USA, UK and Africa and comparing it with India. [show more]
Alex JamesOn Specific Properties Common to a Graph and its Complement
Description: In this dissertation we study some specific properties common to a graph and its complement. Here we compare the independence number of a graph with the chromatic number of its complement and find some relation between these properties for cycle, path, wheel, Berge graph, star and for some other graphs. We also find the relation between the independence number of a graph and its complement with its order. [show more]
Description:Celebrity endorsement in India is a big market and has been growing continuously. Brands often use celebrities to make an impact on people but today even the non-governmental organizations have been taking help of celebrities to endorse their cause and the NGO. Moreover, this has become an inevitable part of their public relations strategy. This paper analysis the public relations strategies of three NGOs and tries to find out why there is a requirement of celebrities in the non-profit sector and also how the celebrities have contributed to its development. [show more]
Anil Juje FernandesSynthesis and characterization of acid hydrazone complexes
Description:The new azomethine compounds derived from Acetophenone benzhydrazone and Acetophenone nicotinicacidhydrazone have been prepared Further it is synthesized with Cu(II) and Co(II) salts to form stable complexes. The ligand and metal complexes have been characterized by Elemental analysis, IR, NMR, UV/Vis Spectrometry, Vibrating sample magnetometric measurements and Gouy Balance method. The nature of bonding and the stereochemistry of the complexes have been deduced from infrared spectra, electronic spectra, magnetic susceptibility, and an octahedral geometry has been suggested for cobalt (II) and square pyramidal structure for copper (II) complex. The complexes are non-hygroscopic, and photo stable crystalline powders with different melting point. The solubility of the metal-complexes in various solvents confirmed the diversity of the complexes as the ligands. The coordination process takes place through the carbonyl oxygen and the azomethine nitrogen atom, the anionic ion is in the outer sphere of the copper complex. The complexes were proposed to have the formulae [ML1.phen(H2O)]NO3H2O. where M=Cu(II),Co(II) ,and HL1 = acetophenone benzhydrazone and [MHL2phen.( NO3)2 ]H2O HL2 = Nicotinic acid acid hydrazone KEY WORDS: Complexes, Hydrazones, Acetophenone, Synthesis, Characterization. [show more]
Description:Taking the road less travelled is one of the more interesting ways to travel as it allows a true glimpse into the truths of a culture. Fortunately for the travellers of today taking the road less travelled is a lot easier than strapping on a backpack and venturing, with only a prayer and hope, into the great unknown with all its variables and discomforts. Rural Tourism is a concept that has revolutionized the tourism industry and for the tourists it has opened a world of new possibilities. Rural Tourism is the cultural equivalent of ecotourism; while the latter is concerned with the preservation of the environment, the former is concerned with preserving and showcasing a ??slice of life- glimpse of a traditional way of life. A National Tourism Policy was introduced in 2002, with rural tourism identified as a focus area to generate employment and promote sustainable livelihoods in the rural areas. While in the initial two years of the scheme, only physical infrastructure (hardware) development activities were taken up under the scheme, from the year 2004-2005 capacity building (software) activities were also taken up. Kumbalangi, a small fishing hamlet based in Kerala was selected by the Government of India to launch its rural tourism project in the year 2003. As of today, there are 36 rural tourism destinations recognised by the Government of India. This study is an attempt to analyse the impacts and measure the perceptions of some of the principle stakeholders involved in the rural tourism project at Kumbalangi. This study focuses on the prime stakeholders namely the local community, local establishments and the Village Panchayat at Kumbalangi to understand the impacts of practising tourism alongside their traditional occupations and the benefits that rural tourism offers to them. It also studies the perception and attitude of tourists regarding the facilities and amenities available at the destination. Both primary as well as secondary tools for data collection were used. Four sets of questionnaires were used for the study. Two structured five point scale questionnaires were administered to the local community and owners of local establishments of Kumbalangi. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to the tourists. The Panchayat officials were administered an unstructured questionnaire. The data obtained from the questionnaire was analysed by using various statistical tools such as correlation and ANOVA. The findings indicated that most of the stakeholders involved in the rural tourism project had a positive approach towards the project. [show more]
Anna George SoumyaExistential and Psychoanalytical Readings of

Two Christological Novels


Description: In this paper we find the effects of saturated porous media on the onset of Rayleigh-Benard convection in a micropolar fluid with Maxwell-Cattaneo law. We have done a linear study of the problem and the Rayleigh number has been arrived at using Galerkian method. The critical Rayleigh number has been found for different boundary conditions and graphs have been plotted for the same. [show more]
Antony BobyA Technological Framework for ICT Implementation in Teaching-Learning Process
Description:Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has penetrated into all walks of life and education sector is no exception. Many studies reveal that ICT is an extremely powerful tool that could bring about tremendous changes in the education process. Innovation has become mandatory to sustain in the global competitive environment. ICT plays an important role in reaching various goals. Its ability to transcend time and space allows learning to take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week eliminating geographical barriers. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is foreseen as a tool to overcome various challenges in education. Many education institutions have taken a keen initiative towards the usage of ICT based teaching-learning systems so as to enhance efficiency. In this context, LMS has been identified as the most accepted ICT-based tool in the present education system. Through review of literature, it is evident that LMS is widely implemented in education sector. However, it is identified that various essential parameters that could enhance the performance are not adequately addressed in the present ICT-based LMS systems. The primitive and essential features of ICT- based LMS were identified. A detailed analysis on applicability of the identified features was done from the perspective of three major stakeholders namely students, teachers and technical experts. The inference of this analysis revealed that current LMS systems address only 25% of interoperability issues, followed by 21% accessibility and 19% of adaptability. This analysis further revealed that reusability accounts for 11% and affordability for 8% only. Hence, it is evident that the essential parameters are not completely addressed in the present LMS system. A comparative study of various existing LMS systems pertaining to various parameters identified was performed. A technological hybrid LMS framework was developed at macro and micro level to address the various LMS challenges identified like interoperability, accessibility, durability, adaptability and affordability so as to improve the system. Finally, a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) enabled hybrid LMS framework was developed as the outcome of the research. This framework would enhance the overall performance and provide complete ICT based solutions for educational institutions. [show more]