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Benny, Libina., Varghese, Anitha., Sirimahachai, Uraiwan., Hegde, Gurumurthy.β-cyclodextrin functionalized graphitic carbon nitride as a promising electrocatalyst for the selective oxidation of Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol /Research PublicationChemistry
Type:Research Publication
Description:Electrochimica Acta, Vol.430, ISSN No: 0013-4686. Selective electrochemical conversion of Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (THFA) was facilitated employing β−cyclodextrin (β−CD) functionalized graphitic carbon nitride (GCN) based nanocomposite. The GCN bulk were obtained by subjecting melamine to pyrolysis and further the material was exfoliated to improve its optoelectronic properties. Non-covalent attachment of β−CD over GCN via ultrasonication creates reactive surface sites on the electrode (β−CD/GCN/CFP) facilitating a better host-guest interaction. [show more]
K.N. Saravanan and Dr. R. AnithaZone based relative density feature extraction algorithm for unconstrained handwritten numeral recognition /Journal ArticleHandwritten digit recognition
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Handwritten digit recognition
Description:Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, Vol.64, Issue 1, pp.304-314, ISSN No: 1992-8645 (Print), 1817-3195 (Online)
R, Rajesh.Yoke chess board /PatentMechanical Engineering
Subject:Mechanical Engineering
Description:Patent Number: 201941052225, Applicant: Rajesh R. Yoke Chess Board is chess board with 8 12 squares of alternative colors of white (light) and black (dark) labelled A to L on bottom side and 1 to 8 on left side. This board is used to play chess for four players comprising of two teams. That is, each team will have two members. The members are designated as main attacker and supporter. [show more]
HemalathaYield management in hotel industry: An exploratory study on selected northern states of India: A time series analysis Management
Description:Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management, Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp. 37-63, ISSN No. 2249-7307.
Yukta YuktaWriter as a critical insider: A thematic study of premchand???s select short-stories
Dr. Usha DinakaranWorkplace challenges leading to the limited presence of women chefs in the hotel industry of Bengaluru /Journal ArticleHotel Management
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Hotel Management
Description:Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Vol.8, Issue 5, pp.96-115, ISSN No: 2249-9598.
Dr. Usha DinakaranWork-life balance factors influencing the limited presence of women chefs in hotel industry of Bengaluru /Journal ArticleHotel Management
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Hotel Management
Description:Asian Review of Social Sciences, Vol.7, Issue 7, pp.37-43, ISSN No: 2249-6319.
Javalgekar Supriya ShreekantWork-Family Interface during the Age thirty Transition:

Experiences of Women Professionals from the Corporate sector

Description:The age thirty transition is a significant developmental transition in the lives of women. Past studies have found this to be a period of disruption and re-evaluation of choices before lasting commitments are made in work and family. This research is focused on studying the experiences of women professionals from the corporate sector as they negotiate the age thirty transition and the work-family interface during this transition period. It provides a current understanding of this transition in lives of women professionals in the context of urban India. Based in the paradigm of phenomenology, this study follows the IPA method. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six women and the data was analyzed at individual as well as cross-case level. The findings indicate that approach of age thirty i.e. approximately between ages 25 and 31 is a transitional period as the young women enter and establish themselves in adult roles in work and family. The changes in their environment and social expectations interact with developmental changes within the ??self. Amidst unique individual experiences, the results suggest a common structure of the transition experience with distinct phases and an evolution of work-family interface across these phases. Keywords: age thirty transition, work-family interface [show more]
Trixy Elizabeth JohnWork Tasks Motivation in Relation to Occupational Self-Efficacy and Thinking Skills of Secondary School Teachers
Description:Education is a dynamic enterprise which is centred on the processes of teaching and learning. All the systems that are connected with the education of an individual should be taken care of for the betterment of the teaching-learning process. Teachers are one of the important sources of inspiration for the students. Every aspect of the teaching-learning process such as the instructional strategies, assessments, student management, the environment etc. has been changing due to the technological innovations and social advancements. The teachers have to be equipped with new technologies that will lead to innovations in education methodologies. The development of necessary skills and belief in their profession is essential for motivating teachers to adapt and adjust to the challenges, the changing attitudes and habits of children. Also, the teachers are expected to perform multiple tasks rather than a particular one. The present study aimed at assessing the types of motivation towards specific work tasks, efficacy towards their occupation and thinking skills of secondary school teachers of Bengaluru. The study reported that Intrinsic Motivation and Identified Regulation led to positive outcomes whereas Introjected, External Regulations and Amotivation led to negative results. The demographic variable, gender had no significant effect on the variables under the study. A significant difference was found for the types of motivation for specific tasks with respect to subject specialisations, types of management, and years of experience. The study thus gives an insight into the motivational processes of a teacher which will be helpful in creating a positive work environment. [show more]
Louis George and Tara SabhapathyWork motivation of teachers: Relationship with organizational culture /Journal ArticleOrganizational Culture
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Organizational Culture
Description:European Journal Of Educational Sciences, Vol.1, Issue 1, pp.547-560, ISSN No: 1857-6036.


R, Rajesh.Wooden iron box folder for safe ironing /PatentMechanical Engineering
Subject:Mechanical Engineering
Description:Patent Number: 202241007693, Applicant: Rajesh R. A holder for iron box made up using wood material used for storage as well as safety place while ironing. This wooden holder can be used not only to hang the iron box on the wall after usage but also can be used while ironing to safeguard against accidental burn. The base of the wooden holder is filled with stones which only have the direct contact with the heated base portion of the iron box. The holder is partially covered on both sides which ensures safety from iron box during ironing. [show more]
Description:In most of the developing countries education among women has been accorded a low priority. The norms of gender behaviour and the perceived domestic and reproductive role of women which was remarkable stable over a period of time have adversely affected the womens education. In addition, forces like negative social attitude, prejudices, restrictions and beliefs also contributed to keep women out of education field. The only goal placed before a woman was to train themselves to be good housewives. It was only after Independence that female education gained importance and led to changing traditional attitudes within family and the society. However, the fact that one amongst the major and fundamental problem for women in India is the high percentage (75%) of illiteracy. A considerable literacy gap still exists between men and women even after 65 years from Independence. As a result, women have been exploited and deprived of their rights and prevented from the process of empowerment. In Indian society, gender bias is compounded by discrimination and prevents women from receiving the education, access to training, health services and so on. Hence, it is imperative to study the educational status of women with respect to the factors contributing and to assess the level of empowerment on some selected domains as a result of education that they pursued. The present study is one amongst such modest attempts to understand the interrelationship between education and empowerment among women, particularly in rural areas. A total of 170 women from Dimbala of Kolar District in Karnataka were selected. All they were approached with the help of a Structured Interview Schedule. Generalization arrived through the study has been discussed in this Dissertation along with some important findings to find the possible means to empower women through education. [show more]
Kulshrestha, Nitin.Woman safety hidden malicious hcip using IOT based tracking technology /PatentComputer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:Patent Number: 202241040276, Applicant: Dr.R. Beaulah Jeyavathana. The personal safety and tracking device that is the focus of this innovation is a wearable, multisensory system that detects changes in the wearer's voice, pulse, emotions, impact, motion, and device status in order to make accurate predictions about potential threats. In dangerous scenarios, the wearable gadget will activate an SOS signal, an alarm, an electric shock, and pepper spray, and it will also begin photographing and recording audio for the wearer's protection. The device connects to the internet using GPRS in order to keep track of the person who is wearing it. [show more]
Description:New media play an important role in the spreading of plagiarism in the modern world. The facilities that are provided by new media like websites; blogs etc provide information to the knowledge seeker which may cause for plagiarism in many cases. Plagiarism is an issue faced by academic field and researcher due to the influence of new media. This paper is studying whether students consider plagiarism as ethical issue. Study is analyzing students attitude towards plagiarism especially students attitude toward online plagiarism. This is a study conducted using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The study is very much important in the contemporary time due the changing treads in the concept of academic due to the impact of new media and information flow. The paper evaluates the understanding of student regarding plagiarism. The study is also evaluating the factors that force students to do plagiarism in their works. The study uses the techniques like survey, in-depth interview and focus group discussion to reach conclusion. [show more]
Kumar, M Rupesh., Narayanan, A G V.Whether shoppers of tier I city are aware about multi-brand outlets? /Journal ArticleMBOs - Multi-Brand Outlets
Type:Journal Article
Subject:MBOs - Multi-Brand Outlets
Description:Asian Journal Of Management, Vol.7, Issue 3, ISSN: 0976-495X (Print), 2321-5763 (Online).
Ranmali Gunaratne ArnilaWhere are the Margins? The Shifting Positions of Space and Identity in Michael Ondaatjes The English Patient and Shyam Selvadurais Funny Boy
Samanta, Debabrata.Webcam /PatentComputer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:Patent Number: 316289-001, Applicant: Dulal Chandra Samanta.
R Gokulapriya - 1560078Web user access log analytics using neural learning regression and logit boost clustering techniques for accurate user behavioural pattern identification
PhDComputer Science and Engineering
Subject:Computer Science and Engineering
Latheefa V, Rohini V.Web mining patterns discovery and analysis using custombuilt Apriori AlgorithmComputer Science
Subject:Computer Science
Description:International Journal of Engineering Inventions Vol.2, Issue 5,pp.16-21 ISSN No. 2278-7461