Exploring the Professional Problems Faced by Beginning Counsellors


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Exploring the Professional Problems Faced by Beginning Counsellors


Counselling Education at a Post-graduate level is of recent origin in India. Every year a number of students who complete their Post-graduate studies (M.Sc.) in Counselling get employed in various settings. As trainees their issues related to practice of counseling get addressed in training sessions, in supervision and through other means like personal therapy. Nothing is conclusively known about their status as beginning counselors. The aim and objectives of the study were exploring the professional problems faced by beginning counselors and the ways in which they are coping with them and their suggestions to cope as individuals and the ways in which the training institutes could help them to cope. The study was done by conducting two focus group discussions (FGD) of six beginning counselors and personal in-depth interviews of three beginning counselors who were working in different settings like Clinical-rehab, School and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). While three school counsellors, two counsellors working in clinical-rehab settings and one EAP counsellor formed the participants of FGD, one counsellor from each of these settings who was not part of FGD was interviewed personally. While for the FGDs, the researcher used the self-constructed guide, for the interviews, the findings of FGD data which formed the Interview Schedule. Both the FGDs and the interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed and analyzed with conventional content analysis. Data from both the FGDs and interviews were included to form the Results. The findings show the various professional problems faced by the beginning counselors and the coping strategies used by them and their suggestions for coping with their professional problems at an individual level and at an institutional level. Implications for professional development, training of counsellors and scope for future research are presented. Key Words: Beginning Counsellors, Professional Problems, Coping, Professional Development.


Pereira Maxim







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