Preferences of 24 hours news channel viewers in Kerala


Preferences of 24 hours news channel viewers in Kerala


Keeping the demand of Infotainment programs, the media houses started producing news magazines, entertainment magazines and news programs for different channels. Within a short span of time news journalism became so popular in Kerala and now more and more media houses were planning to setup their news channels in the state. By several measures news channels has come to realize the potential for news broadcasting. Each network has dramatically expanded their news programming over the decades and TV news producers take great pains to make their stories visually appealing to present news instantaneously and to make viewers feel they are a part of the events shown. New computerized graphical techniques present technical and statistical data in compelling formats. Broadcast organizations routinely conduct researches to keep up to date on what audiences preferences about the news and continuous feedback also make television an ideal medium to satisfy the demands of the people. In addition to the presentation of more news in more technically advanced formats, there's an audience presumably better able to understand news. Thus the study will find out the characteristics and preferences of news viewing population in Kerala.


S Mithun


MS in Communication






S Mithun, “Preferences of 24 hours news channel viewers in Kerala,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed December 3, 2022,

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