Representation of print media in films


Representation of print media in films


This research is a study on Representation of print media in films. Creating awareness about the representation is one of the objectives of the study. Before forming an opinion about the representation of print media in films it is important to know what those representations represent. Today there are online newspapers and it co-exists with the traditional print media. Thus the researcher has found it more important to study the portrayal of the print media in films in the context of todays time and space. The researcher is not trying to appeal that print media should be potrayed in a certain way. The research contains analysis some films to study the representation. Researcher is not being judgemental about the representations but only investigating what is the depiction of print media, journalists and professions in films as films are a different medium from print. The researcher, a student of Communication feels the necessity of this enquiry about the representation of the print media in the films and the way in which it has been represented.


Dey Samrat


MS in Communication




Dey Samrat, “Representation of print media in films,” CHRIST (Deemed To Be University) Institutional Repository, accessed December 3, 2022,

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