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Ghosh, Bikramaditya., Srinivasan, Padma<em><strong>An analytical study to identify the depenence of BSE 100 on FII &amp; DII activity (Study period Sept 2007 to October 2013) /</strong></em>Journal ArticleIndian Stock Market
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Indian Stock Market
Description:International Journal Of Business and Management Invention, Vol.3, Issue 8, pp.149-153, ISSN No: 2319-8028 (Online) 2319-801X (Print)
Saravana Kumar K, Mannu Nayyar, Reshma M and Biju Joseph<em><strong>Android controlled robot with image transfer /</strong></em>Journal ArticleComputer Science
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Computer Science
Description:International Journals of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research, Vol.2, Issue 3, pp.70-74, ISSN No: 2393-8870.
Prasad Sahana<em><strong>Application of statistical tools in social sciences research /</strong></em>
Nagavalli<em><strong>Aviswasi /</strong></em>Malayalam Play
Subject:Malayalam Play
Ambikatanayadatta<em><strong>Balabodhe /</strong></em>Kannada Poems
Subject:Kannada Poems
Ittiarah, Bijo Thomas. - 1424007<em><strong>Bands used as PR tool in malayalam movies /</strong></em>Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:In recent times Rock Bands have done an outstanding work in the Malayalam Film Industry. Rock Bands are often used as PR tool to promote the movies. Till now Bands like Avial, Vidwan, Black Letters, Thakara, Kolam, The Down Troddence, Thaikkudam Bridge etc have made an exceptional mark in the industry. The research paper intends to shed some light on these bands and how they are portrayed as an emerging trend. The youth and crowd today are immensely attracted towards these. [show more]
Channappa, S<em><strong>Bendre Sahitya Chintana /</strong></em>Kannada Essays
Subject:Kannada Essays
Thangjam Ravichandra and Mohsin Hanif<em><strong>Bollinger bands optimal algorithmic strategyinstock trading /</strong></em>Journal ArticleBollinger Bands
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Bollinger Bands
Description:International Journal of Research in Finance and Marketing, Vol.5, Issue 1, pp.37-45, ISSN No: 2231-5985.
Ghosh, Bikramaditya., Srinivasan, Padma<em><strong>BSE 100 market capitalization follows sentiment of investors or technical methods- An analytical study /</strong></em>Journal ArticleManagement
Type:Journal Article
Description:Scholarly Research Journal For Humanity Science & English Language, Vol.1, Issue 3, pp.154-158, ISSN No: 2348-3083.
Asan, N. Kumaran<em><strong>Chandalabhikshuki /</strong></em>Malayalam Narrative Poem
Subject:Malayalam Narrative Poem
Kousalyadevi, Smt. Arekapudi<em><strong>Chettu-Chaya /</strong></em>Telugu
G, Bheemarao. - 1424006<em><strong>Comparative study on four popular national and international automobile television advertisements /</strong></em>Masters DissertationMedia Studies
Type:Masters Dissertation
Subject:Media Studies
Description:Creating a television commercial is hugely expensive, but advertisers often prefer to spend that money rather than have six ads in other media. Advertisement plays a vital role in popularising the automobiles. The automobile industry heavily relies on the innovative and creative advertisements for their product endorsements. The researcher in this study analyses the automobile TV advertisements from both and national and international perspective. [show more]
K M, Pramod.<em><strong>Composition for thermal storage and heat transfer applications /</strong></em>PatentChemistry
Description:Patent Number: CA 2959955 A1 2016/12/22, Applicant: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Abstract: In accordance with the present subject matter there is provided a composition including atleast one nanoparticle, atleast one alkali metal salt and a metal salt having water of crystallization. The subject matter also relates to a method for preparation of the composition. [show more]
Yadav, Anita.<em><strong>Criminal justice reform in India: Need of the hour /</strong></em>ArticleLaw
Description:Law Journal, Vol. 119, Part 1358, pp.29-32
Yadav, Anita.<em><strong>Critical analysis of removal procedure of judges in free India /</strong></em>Law
Description:This works deals with critical analysis of removal procedure of Judges of the Higher Judiciary, the reason of working on this topic is to find out Why since 1949 no Judge could be removed in spite of there is prima facie evidence against him, However, the procedure of Removal which is given in the Constitution, is very rigid and complex the reason behind of this to maintain the independence of the Judiciary not to protect the corrupt Judges in the guise of independence. [show more]
Dr S. Kumar Chandar, Dr. M. Sumathi and Dr S. N. Sivanandam<em><strong>Crude oil prediction using a hybrid radial basis function network /</strong></em>Journal ArticleCrude oil prices
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Crude oil prices
Description:Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, Vol.72, Issue 2, pp.88-96, ISSN No: 1992-8645, 1817-3195.
Datta, Riya., Ramya, V., Sithambaresan, M., Kurup, M. R. Prathapachandra<em><strong>Crystal structure of 4-{(E)-[2-(pyridin-4-ylcarbon­yl)hydrazin-1-yl­­idene]meth­yl}phenyl acetate monohydrate /</strong></em>Journal ArticleChemistry
Type:Journal Article
Description:International Union of Crystallography Journal, Vol.71, Issue 2, pp.107-116, ISSN No: 2056-9890.
Ghosh, Bikramaditya., Srinivasan, Padma<em><strong>Detection of sentiment in CNX nifty - An investigative attempt using probabilistic neural network /</strong></em>Journal ArticleInvestor Sentiments
Type:Journal Article
Subject:Investor Sentiments
Description:International Journal Of Business Quantitative Economics And Applied Management Research, Vol.1, Issue 12, pp.198-207, ISSN No: 2349-5677.
Ghosh, Bikramaditya<em><strong>Determinants of Indian GDP growth a conundrum- A quantitative study /</strong></em>Journal ArticleManagement
Type:Journal Article
Description:International Journal Of Social and Economic Research, Vol.4, Issue 4, pp.181-192, ISSN No: 2249-6270.
Zambe, Wurayayi., Jeevananda, Sanjeevaiah.<em><strong>Developing a democratic constitutional framework through a people-driven constitution making process for zimbabwe /<br /></strong></em>ArticleInstitute of Management (Finance)
Subject:Institute of Management (Finance)
Description:International Journal of Science and Research, Vol.2, Issue 8, pp. 10-16. ISSN-2319-7064.This research paper is on a study of how Zimbabwe can produce a democratic people-driven constitution as a permanent solution to the country's problems of poor governance, violent political conflicts, economic collapse, social disintegration, and international isolation. The purpose of the study was to explore a people-driven democratic constitution-making process that Zimbabweans want. Two groups of research units comprised of 1 120 individuals and 67 institutions were used. The inquiry discovered contextual meaning of six phenomena associated with a people-driven democratic constitution-making process. The study recommends a constitution-making process model that Zimbabwe should adopt to produce a people-driven constitution democratically. [show more]